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  • Bases


    Bases for washer extractors and tumble dryers. A base brings the machien to a convenient working height.
    • A base brings the machine to a convenient working height – for improved ergonomy in your laundry
    • Front and side panels of the machine are better protected from wear and tear when mounted on a base
    • Base IWS™ (Integrated Weighing System) for machines with Clarus Control. Load cells located in the feet weigh the contents of the drum as it being loaded. The current weight is displayed on the Clarus Control panel

  • TB1040U


    Hand wash basin

    • Wall mounted

      Wall mounted

      Ironing table, wall mounted: W 1270 x D 370 mm adjustable / W 900 x D 370 mm adjustable

      • Table and Chair

        Table and Chair

        Working table and chair. Available in 3 different sizes
        • Available in 3 different sizes.
        • Dimensions 1: W 1000 x D 700 x H 830
        • Dimensions 2: W 1500 x D 700 x H 830
        • Dimensions 3: W 2000 x D 700 x H 830

      • TRP 2

        TRP 2

        Transport trolley, W 670 x D 440 x H 700 mm, Volume 80 l

        • TRP4 Super

          TRP4 Super

          Transport trolley, W 580 x D 470 x H 760 mm, Volume 80 l